Preventing Fatigue and Worry

May 19, 2011

Dale Carnegie training is all about improving your business and your life through self-improvement. By looking inward and improving yourself from the inside-out you will transform your life. One of Dale Carnegie’s biggest lessons is to rid yourself of worry. One of his hugely popular books is, How to Stop Worrying and Start Living.

Worry is a big roadblock for most people. And Mr. Carnegie knew that it isn’t something that can be simply tossed aside. To release worry, deep seeded habits need to be changed. He lays out some simple, but big, habits and behaviors that will help to prevent worry before it even starts.

  • Rest Before you get Tired: Don’t wait until you are overcome with fatigue or you have no more energy reserves to take a break. Resting before you get tired is a habit that needs to be learned but that helps you to maintain your energy level. A high energy level is needed to be at your best.
  • Learn to Relax at your Work: Be conscious to relax tense muscles throughout the day. Make relaxation part of your life. Tense muscles seep energy and wear you down throughout the day. As you fatigue, you are more prone to negative emotions and worry. Make relaxation at work a priority from the moment you get to the office.
  • Organize, Deputize, and Supervise: You can’t do everything and you shouldn’t try.
  • Make these Good Habits Your Working Method:
    • Keep your desk clean of all papers and material except those that are relevant to your immediate task. Clutter and other materials create tension and anxiety, even if it seems like it makes you more productive, ultimately it leads to more fatigue and worry.
    • Prioritize your tasks and take care of the most important items first. Don’t push back the important things. You will feel so much lighter to have the highest priority items off your list.
    • Solve problems as soon as all relevant information is available. If you can reach a decision in the moment, do it. Don’t let problems fester and weigh you down throughout the day.

Fatigue is widespread and may seem inevitable for many, but it doesn’t have to be. The best way to fight fatigue and worry is to prevent them through learning new working habits that allow you to maintain high energy and a positive outlook.

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One Response to Preventing Fatigue and Worry

  1. Anonymous on May 20, 2011 at 7:37 am

    I definitely wear myself out and worry about things that take energy away from where I should really be using it!

    I think the point about recognizing tense muscles is a very important one. I rarely remember to do this, but when I do I’m often surprised at just how tense I end up being! Definitely not good, and it would do me good to take the time to relax often throughout the day.


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